Тайм киллер созданный для конкурса Pixel Craft 64
28.08.2015 игра создана
28.01.2016 устранены ошибки в игре
29.01.2016 high score
||| 30.01.2016 project is complete |||


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Really enjoy the game. Would love to chat about if we could publish this on our streamer platform


You should create an app out of this! It's a thousand times better than flappy bird, that's for sure.


This wasn't a bad game, was fun to play. Would like to see a downloadable version with full screen. Would put it on my YouTube channel :-)


I really like the idea of the game. I would like to add it on my site jeux-mini.com ? Do you offer an html5 archive for your game? thank you very much


Can you make their be an easy and hard mode? Or an easy, hard, and impossible mode? (this would be the hard)


It's just a prototype, created two years ago, but if the game is still interesting, I can work on this toy in my spare time). Adding several types of complexity, achievements, and correcting several errors)
i tried something changed in this game you can look other prototypes
https://rocky9.itch.io/scrolling-test-1 *Menu*
https://rocky9.itch.io/birdcage-prottype *Game with shadows*


Done. If you'd like to edit the description, just say so and I'll make the changes.



Hello usman. I love your game. Do u allow for embedding? Cause i would love to embed it on my site ozogames.com

I'm glad that you liked the game. Yes i allow

AWESOME. Yes. than you so much. I'll embed it tomorrow and also link back to you. I'll add it to my skill, physics, indie and adfree pages. I'll send you the link once i do it.